Smart Traffic Management and R4E Seminar- Istanbul

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Smart Traffic Management and R4E Seminar

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM)’s Deputy Traffic Manager Esma Dilek conducted a seminar at Istanbul Technical University about the effective use of transport infrastructure, Intelligent Transportation Systems developed and deployed throughout the city and effective traffic management solutions of IMM. Detailed information was provided to graduate and doctorate students about the technologies and services used by IMM for Intelligent Traffic Management in Istanbul within the scope of “Digital Solutions for Smart Cities” course.

Istanbul smart traffic and R4E project seminar 2

Students were also informed about Roadmaps for Energy (R4E) Project, which is an EU funded project under the Horizon 2020 programme that aims to develop a new type of energy strategy through visions and roadmaps for the eight partner cities, in co-creation with relevant local stakeholders. The project focuses on three areas (Smart Mobility, Smart Buildings, and Smart Urban Spaces) within the domain of sustainable energy that are closely linked to the municipalities main responsibilities and each city partner has chosen two focus areas to work on its roadmaps depending on its objectives.

Istanbul smart traffic and R4E project seminar 3

Detailed information was shared with the students about the R4E Project in which partner cities’ energy productivity policies of 2050 were determined and the energy roadmaps are created. Introduction videos which summarizes the works carried out and achievements within the scope of R4E Project and Istanbul’s Smart Mobility Vision in the context of Smart Traffic Management and Smart Public Transport for 2050 created with the collaboration of industry stakeholders, academicians, traffic operators and decision makers in Istanbul were also presented to students and questions about the project were answered so that both students and academics can contribute to the project.Istanbul smart traffic and R4E project seminar 4

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