Continous Improvement System in Waste Collections and Street Cleaning Sant Cugat del Vallés.

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Description of the case

Qualinet. The plan for the continuous improvement of the cleaning and waste collection service responds to the objectives defined in the strategic plan of the Sant Cugat Town Council as regards the dimensions: URBAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL SETTING: Civic, green and sustainable city: Commitment to protect the environment. Accessible, clean and tidy city and KNOWLEDGE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION: Intensive and efficient use of new technologies to optimise resources. Town council on-line. One of these strategic objectives is to move towards a sustainable city that is committed to climate change, with a quality public area where the street is a welcoming setting; managing natural resources efficiently, as well as promoting the reduction of the generation of waste, encouraging the reuse of products and promoting recycling.

All of the above occurs within a context of social cohesion, equity and citizen participation where economic activity plays an essential role through its commitment and its orientation towards sustainable development. The road cleaning and waste collection services is one of the most important services in the city, since the comfort, healthiness and image of the public space and therefore an important part of the quality of life of citizens, depends on it operating correctly, collaborating towards attaining the vision of Sant Cugat as a reference city in urban quality. It is a complex municipal service that is difficult to manage since there is a great demand for results from citizens, pressure from the media, political implications from the correct management of the service, a high number of services and routes to plan (which have to be optimised as much as possible), and the difficulty of modelling a changing and dynamic city requiring corrections in real time.

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