Smart lighting to reduce noise pollution quality of life

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The historical centre of the city of Sant Cugat presents many establishments and economic activities, which confront residents and users of the public space, especially during night hours. Here comes into play an innovative, non-invasive technological solution. The street lights used to only provide light improving the feeling of security and comfort, but they are now provided with IOT systems to promote a civic behaviour and mitigate the conflict on public space.

– Sant Cugat City Council as a completely active city in terms of transforming into a Smart City.
– Citelum, an integrating company dedicated to the maintenance of lighting and traffic lighting services of the city.
– Mediaurban, company dedicated to urban innovation and the digital transformation of cities.

Until recently, streetlights only provided the city with light, improving the feeling of comfort in and security during night hours, and increasing the usage time of the public space.

Present and future:
The concept of street lights is changing, they are part of every city’s landscape but only provided light until recently. The aim is to benefit from their multiple advantages: there is a street light every 15 or 25 metres, they have an optimal height and have electricity. With new IOT systems we obtain an added value of the street light to citizens.

Project in Plaça Barcelona:
Several sound level meters were strategically installed on some of the smart light streets at the plaça Barcelona square in the centre of Sant Cugat, in order to measure the sound levels of the environment. If the registered sound levels exceed the allowed, the nearby street lights send a message in form of light flickering. This light message aims at letting the users of the public space know that the noise level is high and, therefore, contribute to a behaviour change.

– Encourage the collective responsibility of the cohabitation in the city
– Reduce the conflict between neighbours, people that have to call emergencies and users
– Give the message that the municipal services look out for the people during the night
– Protect bar owners from nearby conflicts on the public space
– Efficiency of the emergencies services

For more information about the project please contact to:
Víctor Martínez del Rey
Director of the Urban Quality Department
Cell phone: +34 609772357
Municipality of Sant Cugat del Vallès
Sant Cugat del Vallès.

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