Achieving a part of the desired future scenario in Eindhoven

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Achieving a part of the desired future scenario in Eindhoven

Together with Tampere (Finland) and Genova (Italy) Eindhoven succeeded to become a so-called “Front-runner” city in the Horizon 2020 call on Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions in cities. The main subject of this call is to show how to make cities more cEindhoven- nature based solutions 1- R4Elimate resilient by using Nature Based Solutions (NBS). Nature based solutions are basically solutions or designs inspired by nature. Changing a paved area into greenis only part of NBS. Discovering what can be added, for instance, to improve biodiversity is an element in the project.

The EU project, called UnaLab, will be a collaboration of almost 30 partners, such as cities, institutes and companies. The demonstration cities (front-runners) have to realize projects to show the possibilities of the use of Nature Based Solutions. The projects don’t only aim to demonstrate innovative NBS solutions, but also aim to experiment together with stakeholders and experts. Front-runner cities will demonstrate in ‘living laboratories’ innovative, replicable and locally attuned nature-based solutions, which will be measured, both concerning technical as well social impact.

Eindhoven- nature based solutions 2- R4E

The public space of Eindhoven that will serve as ‘living laboratories’ within UnaLab, are all situated in the centre of the city and are about daylighting a stream in de centre of the city, creating a small park and making squares greener and more attractive. One challenge with these squares is that they are situated on top of parking garages. Next to these demonstration areas in public space, a few areas on buildings are added to the UnaLEindhoven- nature based solutions 3- R4Eab project. Green roofs and green facades will be created, together with the owners of the buildings, and their effect on heath stress will be measured. A nice side effect of NBS is that it will make a city more attractive and the liveability will increase. All the projects (demonstration areas) will be designed together with stakeholders and experts.

In the desired future scenario of the Roadmap  Smart urban spaces of Eindhoven within R4E, one important element is a pleasant living environment, an improved liveability of the city. The UnaLab project will help to reach the desired future scenario.Eindhoven- nature based solutions 4- R4E

Written by Ir. Luuk POSTMES

Climate & Water expert

Municipality of Eindhoven

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