The Murcia City Council recognizes the Carbon Footprint as a key instrument in the fight against Climate Change.

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The competitive advantage and corporate social responsibility, two key aspects of the Carbon Footprint Days organized by the City of Murcia.

The main hall of the City Council has hosted the day of ‘Carbon Footprint as a competitive advantage and environmental responsibility in companies’ organized by the Department of Urbanism, and Environment of the City of Murcia in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment.

The event was inaugurated jointly by Antonio Navarro, Councilor for Urban Planning and Environment and Consolación Rosauro Meseguer, General Director of Natural Environment of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment of the Region of Murcia.

This day, framed in the municipal program of Fight Against the Climatic Change, aims to provide the key aspects to calculate the Carbon Footprint of companies in order to give them a competitive advantage. The seminar, free and open to all interested parties, has addressed issues such as the carbon footprint, the tools for calculating it and the measures to reduce emissions.

In the Region of Murcia there are 17 organizations registered in the Carbon Footprint Registry, including the City of Murcia and the municipal company EMUASA. It occupies the tenth position by Autonomous Communities, emphasizing in first place the Community of Madrid with 111 inscriptions. That is why the public institutions want to promote this practice that undoubtedly brings important benefits for companies.
Antonio Navarro explained that obtaining this nationally recognized seal increases the competitiveness of the company by offering its customers additional added value, allows to know the levels of energy consumption of the company, and work for eco-efficiency when preparing a plan to reduce emissions that will allow the reduction of associated energy and economic costs. And the fact is that Climate Change is not only a matter of public administrations, it is also the responsibility of society as a whole.

Municipal Strategy to fight against Climate Change

The City of Murcia, through the ALEM Service, the Energy & Climate change Agency, is actively working on the fulfillment of the European commitments to fight against climate change, especially in the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, an initiative signed by our consistory in 2016, and which implies, among other commitments, the preparation of a Municipal Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change and a new Sustainable Energy Action Plan, both with a time horizon to 2030.

Within the framework of the “Acts against Climate Change” campaign, the ALEM service has already organized two editions of the “Carbon Footprint Calculation Workshop for SMEs”, which have allowed 20 Murcian organizations to acquire the technical skills to calculate for them. their Carbon Footprint. The City of Murcia recently obtained the “calculation” stamp of the MAPAMA, with a goal to 2020 to reduce 8% CO2 emissions, equivalent to 2% per year, which is 2,243 tonCO2 eq.



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