Presenting R4E at the UNaLab Project Eindhoven

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Presenting R4E at the UNaLab Project

Eindhoven is participating in a Horizon 2020 project about Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and climate resilience, called UNaLab. In this project, Eindhoven is one of the three demonstration cities, next to Genova and Tampere. The demonstration cities have to show what Nature-Based Solutions are and what you can achieve with it.

In UNaLab, there are also five replication cities that have to create a roadmap and will learn from the experiences of the demo cities. To achieve this, the replication cities will become so-called ‘buddies’ of the frontrunner cities.

During the UNaLab consortium meeting, which took place in Genova in November 2017, Eindhoven presented the experiences of the R4E project to the replication cities and to other partners that were interested.

The presentation was about the outcome of the roadmapping process, as well as about content of the process, and included some tips about how to organise the workshops, who to invite, etcetera.
To provide a full overview and idea of the R4E project and its process, both the R4E posters of the visions of Eindhoven were shown, as well as the videos with the interviews of the R4E partners. For the replication cities in the UNaLab project these presentations helped a lot, to get a better understanding of the roadmapping.

The presentation about the outcomes of the R4E project was given by focusing on the Roadmap Smart Urban Spaces by using the roadmap itself, explaining briefly what it looks like and providing information about the ideas and projects which are resulted of the roadmapping process.

One of the results that was presented is the idea of Eindhoven of the Street of the Future. This idea has been further explained in a previous R4E article. The picture below is one of the ways this is visualised. Eindhoven is still improving an expanding this idea. It’s now used to help people understand “spatial adaptation”, which is about creating space for or taking climate adaptation into account

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