Smart monitoring system in public transport of Istanbul

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Smart monitoring system in public transport of Istanbul

Safer Public Transport with in-car Surveillance Cameras – Istanbul

Smart transportation systems, smart city projects, monitoring and control systems, data storage systems are some of the “Smart City Technologies” developed by IMM. IMM continues to put new projects into service which help make İstanbul the model metropolis in the world with revolutionary ideas in urban transportation. In line with its smart city vision, IMM has recently started installing surveillance cameras into taxis and minibuses serving in Istanbul.

All taxis and minibuses along with public transport vehicles will be remotely monitored and managed by “Public Transport Control and Management Center” of IMM. With this project, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality aims to achieve below targets:

  • Track public transport vehicles’ routes and locations,
  • Have a “Safe Trip” which is always monitored by control operators,
  • Have a public transport system which is coordinated by the control center during disasters and emergencies.

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By means of those monitoring cameras, all kind of information and evidences will quickly be obtained regarding crimes. Thanks to Public Transport Control and Management Center software, it will be possible to control public transport vehicles, obtain 24/7 location and speed information of public transport vehicles, get accident and emergency information, and route information for public transportation vehicles.

IMM keeps working for the development of smart city concept and the improvement of public transport service quality and continues to support Police Department with its new projects.

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