Smart Mobility in Istanbul at “World Cities Expo & Intertraffic 2017 Exhibitions”

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Smart Mobility in Istanbul at “World Cities Expo & Intertraffic 2017 Exhibitions

R4E project presentations at “World Cities Expo & Intertraffic 2017 Exhibitions” – Istanbul

 World Cities Expo Istanbul and Intertraffic 2017 Exhibitions which aim to create innovative, sustainable and green cities were held in Istanbul in May.

Istanbul, which is one of the world’s most popular metropolises, is transforming into a smart city by utilizing the emerging, cutting-edge technologies. Pioneers of this change met at World Cities Expo and Intertraffic Exhibitions organized in Istanbul. Local and foreign exhibitors presented their new products, projects and services in transportation sector with the participation of pioneering institutions and organizations from all over the world which are specialized in developing smart city solutions.

Smart city applications which are developed by different departments of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and brand-new projects and applications were introduced to visitors at World Cities Expo Istanbul 2017. Ms. Esma Dilek, who is IMM’s Assistant Traffic Manager, Mr. Ömer Faruk Altınmakas who is institutional development representative of Directorate of Traffic and R4E Smart Mobility Expert and Ms. Ayşegül Çalışkan who is R4E Project’s Dissemination Expert provided detailed information to visitors about R4E Project and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions developed and implemented by Transportation Department of IMM at the stand with the “Mobility” theme. R4E Project team informed visitors both in Turkish and English about Istanbul’s Desired Future Scenarios and sustainable, green transport technologies for 2050.

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After the completion of World Cities Expo İstanbul, Intertraffic İstanbul 2017 which focuses on technological developments in transportation sector was held at Istanbul Exhibition Center. The exhibition provided sustainable and innovative transport technologies, large-scale data and urban traffic management systems, energy, transportation issues in the scope of smart cities.

Istanbul- World Cities Expo & Intertraffic 2017_2

On the second day of the exhibition, Ms. Esma Dilek, who is R4E Project Manager of IMM, made a presentation titled “ITS Strategy for Istanbul” at “Executive Introduction to Intelligent Transport Systems” workshop. Detailed information was presented to workshop participants about R4E Project and Istanbul’s Desired Future Scenarios for 2050 created in R4E Project.Istanbul- World Cities Expo & Intertraffic 2017_3

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