Roadmap Workshops in Eindhoven and R4E support of Vice-Mayor

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Roadmap Worshops in Eindhoven and R4E support of Vice-Mayor

On 1 and 7 December 2016, the first two R4E Roadmap Workshops took place in Eindhoven. The aim of these workshops was to complete the city specific roadmaps of Eindhoven on Smart urban spaces and on Smart mobility, by defining projects which are needed in order to bring these roadmaps to the next level. Participants of the workshops were civil servants and external stakeholders who can help in the realisation of the defined projects and/or have the specific knowledge of solutions that can help in the realisation of those projects.


While preparing the workshop the R4E team of Eindhoven realised that a lot will change in the coming years. All kinds of changes, like climate change, the transition to non-fossile fuels, demography, technology, etc., will have an impact on many elements, like on public space, mobility, and on the behaviour of travellers in choosing their mode of transport. Very important about all these changes is that they won’t take place at the same time and that we cannot foresee it if and when they will occur. This means that the design of the urban space and the space for transport as an integrated part of public space has to be flexible.

Roadmap Workshop Smart urban spaces

On the 1st of December 2016 the first Roadmap workshop of R4E took place in Eindhoven, focusing on Smart urban spaces. The “Street of the future”, a result of the changes that will take place in the future, was chosen as an inspirational image during the workshop. From the enthusiastic reactions of the workshop participants we can conclude that this image was a good choice.


During the workshop several projects and subjects were determined as key success factors in the transition to the “Street of the future”. The available space in the subsurface was mentioned as one of the challenges for now and the future. Furthermore, greening  the city is one of the solutions in order to cope with a changing climate, as well as making the city more liveable. Another important outcome is the need to create a climate resilient kit. This kit should help to make people aware of climate change and show them what they can do to make their property more resilient.

Roadmap Workshop Smart mobility

On the 7th of December 2016, the Roadmap workshop on Smart mobility was organised in Eindhoven. From the work done within R4E in the past months resulted in the desired future scenarios and shared values for Smart and Sustainable mobility in Eindhoven, which are a healthy city and region, a liveable environment, and putting the traveller at the center of the proposed solutions. This was taken as starting point for the Roadmap Worshop.


About 35 representatives from knowledge institutions, companies, groups of interest, and local, regional and national government participated actively at the workshop in four working groups:

  • Shared Smart Mobility modes
  • Data & management systems
  • Personalised services
  • Values, motives and behavioural change

Also here, the key success factors were determined for the transition of the future region and city of Eindhoven. One of the main challenges ideantified, for now and in the future, is the quality of the available space.

Signature of the ‘Offical Statement’ by Vice-Mayor

At the end of the workshop the Vice-Mayor for Mobility, Mrs. Jannie Visscher, reflected on the results of the workshop. She noticed with enthusiasm that the participants in the triple helix are very willing to cooperate in making a next effective step in realising the ambitions and solving mobility problems. She signed the ‘Official Statement’ of the R4E project, thereby expressing her support of the roadmapping process and the R4E project in general.


The next step…

During these workshops we made a first step by collecting project ideas and initiatives to start the actual work in order to reach the desired furture scenarios. At the end, this will flow over into the following phase of the R4E project: the Project Portfolio.

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