On our way to Smart Mobility- Tallinn

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On our way to Smart Mobility- Tallinn

In 2016 three new projects co-funded by the EU were commenced that will help to further Tallinn’s ambitions in the field of Smart Mobility. These projects are NSB Core (Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme), FinEstSmartMobility (Interreg Central Baltic Programme) and FinEst Link (Interreg Central Baltic Programme).

NSB Core – North Sea Baltic Connector of Regions – is a project aimed to improve sustainable freight and passenger transport in the north-eastern region of the Baltic Sea. This in turn will ensure a better access to the region via North Sea – Baltic Corridor. The project consortium consists of 16 partners from 6 countries with an impressive number of 40 associated partners. During the project, mapping of different smart mobility concepts as well as spatial analysis for several commuting corridors will be carried out. The project underlines the need to synchronize long distance transport to urban transport systems, such as train, air and sea transport. Additionally a case study for a new tramline in Tallinn to connect the harbour to Tallinn city centre will be conducted. The project will run until 30.04.2019.

NSB Core partners- R4E TallinnNSB Core partners

FinEstSmartMobility – Old City Harbour mobility flows with smart solutions – is a smaller project with 6 project partners, including the City of Helsinki as the lead partner and City of Vantaa. The objective here is to create an interactive queue management system for heavy good vehicles (HGV) arriving in the ports of Tallinn and Helsinki. A pilot project will be implemented in Tallinn in which a parking lot outside the city centre will serve as the parking area for heavy vehicles in the queuing system. The trucks are directed to the harbour according to real-time traffic conditions and ferry timetables, which reduces parking load in the port area. The project also sees the extension of the Park & Ride scheme to the ferry passengers in order to reduce car traffic in the city centre and the harbour area. An important result will be the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Tallinn that will be developed within this project. The project ends on 31.08.2019.

Location of the HGV parking lot- R4E TallinnLocation of the HGV parking lot

FinEst Link – Finnish Estonian Transport Link – carries out a feasibility study of the Helsinki–Tallinn fixed link in 2016–2018. The feasibility study focuses on the technical, economic and business viability of the railway tunnel vision. There are 6 partners participating in the project, including the City of Helsinki. The project also helps to pave the way for deeper integration of regional economies, twin-city and regional co-operation, and for achieving better integration in the multimodal cross-border transport systems with significant impact on lowering the CO2 emissions. The project runs until 31.07.2018

Helsinki -Tallinn conection R4E project



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