ISTANBUL: Signed official statement R4E

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ISTANBUL: Signed official statemet R4E

Roadmaps for Energy (R4E), in which Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is a partner, is an European Union funded project under the Horizon 2020 programme that aims to develop a new type of energy strategy through visions and roadmaps for the 8 partner cities, in co-creation with relevant local stakeholders. The project focuses on three areas (Smart Mobility, Smart Buildings, and Smart Urban Spaces) within the domain of sustainable energy that are closely linked to the municipalities main responsibilities and each city partner has chosen 2 focus areas to work on its roadmaps depending on its objectives.

Istambul_ R4E offcial statement signature _2

Official R4E statement signature moment with Mr. Muzaffer Hacımustafaoğlu 

On February 6th, an evaluation meeting was held between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s (IMM) European Union Project team and  senior managers of IMM who are responsible for transportation related projects carried out by IMM. During the meeting, Smart Transportation Vision of İstanbul in 2050 was also discussed. Detailed information was provided to senior managers about the work areas of IMM in R4E Project and activities completed during the project. Views were exchanged about activities carried out throughout the project cycle and planned works in the project in the field of “Intelligent Mobility” which is selected by IMM as focus areas. Managers were informed about “Smart Public Transportation” and “Smart Traffic Management” plans and activities of IMM within the context of R4E Project.

Istambul_ R4E offcial statement signature _3

Istambul’s R4E Statement signed by Mr.Muzaffer Hacımustafaoğlu

At the end of the meeting, The Official Statement was signed by IMM’s Deputy Secretary General Mr. Muzaffer Hacımustafaoğlu who is in charge of deciding transportation projects in Istanbul. By signing “Official Statement”, Mr. Muzaffer Hacımustafaoğlu officially declared his support to R4E Project and stated that he will contribute to smart city studies of the project team. After his signature, R4E project team received top level manager support to R4E Project institutionally. Mr. Muzaffer Hacımustafaoğlu expressed that the works carried out within R4E Project in the field of intelligent mobility will make a significiant contribute to Smart City Vision of İstanbul. He thanked to the project team and explained that his support for such projects will continue as deputy secretary general and expressed his new project expectations from IMM project team.

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