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Tallinn: Signed official statement R4E

Last 13th February 2017, Tallinn joined to the group of partners who have already signed the official statement of the R4E. There is no doubt this statement is a solid proof  through which the city of Tallinn and in this case its deputy mayor of Tallinn Arvo Sarapuu pledges to support all the actions, initiatives and projects that can derive from the roadmaps to be delivered at the end of the R4E project. This commitment is crucial to empower the outcomes of the project and guarantee that the methodology will be fruitful in the long term.

Villu Pella, Arvo Sarapuu ja Relo Ligi

The statement , that is shown below, has been signed by the mentioned representative of the Municipality of Tallinn and it includes the visions of the city for 2050, these visions represent how Tallinn should look like in that ideal scenario that has been designed by Tallinn Municipal experts, their local stakeholders and their policy makers. The visions of Tallinn include all the features, services and characteristics they have considered needed in that ideal future in which Tallinn can provide the highest standards of quality of life to its citizens within this areas.

Tallinn official statement signed- R4E

R4E Statement signed by Arvo Sarapuu, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn

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