R4E – Related and Linked Projects – Introducing the “MyWay-Project”.

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R4E – Related and Linked Projects Part 4 – Introducing the “MyWay-Project”.

 As part of our commitment to creating a learning community and disseminating the actions and outcomes of the Roadmaps for Energy (R4E) Project, we are connecting with other EU funded projects, cooperating, sharing information and practises. Which is why we will dedicate a few of our posts to introducing these projects.

The MyWay-Project

MyWay is a 7th Framework ICT Project that runs from 2013 through 2016, implemented by 14 partner organisations from across Europe that range from public authorities, research centers to SME’s. Placing the traveller at the heart of mobility. The MyWay project will investigate, develop and validate an integrated platform, the European Smart Mobility Resource Manager, including cloud-based services and facilities to support community supplied information collection and processing.


The purpose is to holistically address the efficient and seamless integration and use of complementary, capacity-limited mobility services in the overall urban travel chain, including all transport modes (motorised and non-motorised, EVs, public transport, flexible services such as transport on-demand) and mobility sharing schemes (e.g. car sharing, motorbike sharing and carpooling). The platform will be tested in three Living Lab demonstrations in Barcelona and Catalonia Region (ES), Berlin (DE), and Trikala (GR) involving local users and stakeholders. This approach gives priority to the egocentric vision of the user, finding the right compromise for each single traveller and offering a solution closest to his personal needs and preferences, making the frequent use of it (as an alternative to an ideal but not always practical solution) a main contribution to the sustainability of urban transport.

The European Smart Mobility Resource Manager, which will facilitate an holistic view of sustainable mobility, combining all sorts of transport services and automatically handling transactions related to their usage into a seamless point-to-point mobility service, and will also be able to provide travel suggestions myway4that are better optimized to the users egocentric perspective, and that of society as a whole.

MyWay will be tested in three ‘living labs’ in Barcelona, Berlin and Trikala and is expected to boost the travellers’ usage of greener mobility services by enabling the consideration of all available resources and their appropriate allocation to journey plans, thus enhancing the attractiveness, comfort and efficiency of the transport networks and minimising the GHG emissions by stimulating users to switch to more sustainable mobility choices and behaviour.


The MyWay basic objectives are to:

myway5Enable a better balance between mobility offers by facilitating the seamless integration of public transport and other sustainable public and private transport modes in users’ personal mobility choices.

Stimulate service cooperation and market development by providing tools and technical solutions for transport service providers and operators to help improve service offer, interoperability and acessibility in the overall multimodal service chain.

Enhancing the personalisation and user adaptation of mobility services by increasing the cooperation between users and the transport system through incorporating user experiences, social networking and crowd sourcing in service planning and use.

Foster ICT transformative technologies in smart mobility by providing and validating in real-life conditions innovative technological solutions for the next generation of smart mobility services.

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