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Since 2011 the Environment Department of Tallinn City Government has organised citywide Energy Days, which are aimed to raise awareness on efficient use of energy ressources. In 2013 and 2014 the Energy Days were jointly organised by Tallinn Energy Agency and Tallinn Environment Department. Since 2015 Tallinn Energy Agency is the main organiser of the Energy Days in the municipality.

One of the objectives stated in the Covenant of Mayors, which Tallinn is a signatory of since 2011, is to raise awareness on energy efficiency and to promote energy savings. The Energy Days in Tallinn are organised to fulfill the obligations described in the Covenant of Mayors.

1-logoThe logo for Energy Days in Tallinn

In 2015 Tallinn Energy Agency organised two events for the Energy Days:

On June 18, during Sustainable Energy Week initiated by the European Commission, an exhibition was opened, that showcased the works of the architectural design competition called VELOKODA for students. The competition was launched together with the Environment Department, City Property Department, Urban Planning Department and the Department of Architecture of the Estonian Art Academy in December 2014 with the aim to generate good solutions for lockable bike sheds to securely and conveniently store bicycles in residential districts.

There were 17 entries to the competition, including many ideas that deserve to be developed further. The competition aimed to tap into the creative and innovative thinking of students, who also most probably ride a bike to school and have a lot of ideas how to organise locking bikes up securely and conveniently. Lockable bike sheds in residential areas would in turn inspire other residents to use bikes as a mode of transport, which would contribute to improving their health, reducing noise and CO2 emissions. The architectural design competition was organised also to further Tallinn’s ambitious goal to become European Green Capital 2018.


The exhibition of the architectural design competition VELOKODA

On September 19-20 Tallinn Energy Agency was represented during the culture and environment festival „Ecomess“, where an energy pavilion was put up.

The pavilion offered many activities and a lot of information for the festival visitors. The winning designs of the architectural design competition VELOKODA were exhibited in the pavilion. The visitors could also get an informative overview of the evolution of lighting in our homes. During the two days of the festival architects and energy auditors were there to consult residents of apartment buildings in mileu valuable areas on deep renovation.
An NGO named ESAKODA and the Estonian Association of Solar Energy advised on how to achieve energy savings with healthy indoor climate and how to use renewable energy in buildings.

On September 20 a seminar was held during the festival called „Traditional materials: yesterday and today“. The Head of Tallinn Energy Agency Villu Pella gave a presentation on how to attain energy efficiency in mileu valuable areas.


The energy pavilion during the “Ecomess” festival


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