R4E project in Forlì

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R4E project in Forlì

The city of Forlì is engaged in imagining its future in 2050 and devising ways to shape it.  Such activity is possible thanks to the participation to R4E – Roadmaps for Energy – project that gained funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. These reflections focus on energy efficiency of public buildings and public spaces. Public buildings are often valuable from historical and cultural points of view and define the character of the city.  These buildings can play an exemplary role in terms of refurbishment and can act as drivers for city renovation. Public spaces are traditionally the core space for social living: squares, parks and streets are where people meet and interact.  Such role remains crucial despite the   internet era of virtual socialization we are living in.

The reflections in Forlì started from what we have now as a reference point, as a good example to start from for the future.

campus university in Forli

University campus in Forlì

San domenico coplex forli

San Domenico complex

Over the summer a number of workshops have been held in Forlì with the support of the Technological University of Eindhoven in order to define the ambitions of the city in 2050.  These workshops saw the participation of councillors, civil servants and local stakeholders from different groups and associations.

Mayor of Forli- roadmpas for energy

The Mayor of Forlì Davide Drei with Elke Den Ouden and Rianne Valkenburg

Some key ideas emerged from these discussions: the value of the historical and cultural heritage of our city not only in terms of due preservation but also as a mean to revitalize city life (e.g. new uses to historical buildings, a thriving cultural life).  The importance of having a the city centre that act as social, business and residential core for the rest of the city.  The role of citizens as key promoters of their city by maintaining private and public spaces and benefiting from the social opportunities offered by well-thought urban spaces.  Territorial cooperation as a winning way for economic sustainable development.

Reflections on the future of the city also regarded the “smart cities” theme.  Internet access, new web-based services, apps for improving daily activities are key elements when thinking of our future, however it emerged that the concept of “smartness” cannot be reduced to technological improvements and gadgets.  In Forlì maintaining the social dimension of our city is the most ambitious “smart” objective.

The results of the workshops will be shortly available as full report on the website of the Municipality:


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