Electromobility and “MUyBICI” in Murcia

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The city of Murcia already has its own public bicycle sharing system. The system has been called “MUyBICI” and its goal is to bring closer the bicycle to Murcia’s citizens through a simple, effective and affordable approach.“MUyBICI” has been the result of a contract that does not involve any cost to the Murcia City Council ,in excahnge, the company awarded the contract will exploit its operation for 10 years including the advertising revenue.

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The system has a total of 60 docking stations located throughout the city center and a total of 600 bicycles available to the “MUyBICI” users.Both the number of docking stations and the bikes are expected to be expanded if demand grows in the coming years. The annual subscription is charged at 48.40 euros, 21.78 euros monthly and 3.63 euros daily. This fee will allow users to make use of the bicycles of any docking station with a maximum usage time of one hour. The success of the system will also lie on more than 160 kilometers of bike paths and 190 kilometers of streets considered as Area 30 (speed limited to 30km/h).

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In order to facilitate the use of “MUyBICI”, the cards with which you access the system are sold directly on MUyBICI’s docking stations , through multimedia information point where the subscription payment can be done by credit card. Also, for convenience, users can also log into the system via the official website of MUyBICI, www.muybici.org or through a smart phone using the APP developed for that purpose. Both the APP and and the website allow users to find out how many bycicles are available in each docking station. We must keep in mind that the use of bicycles in cities not only saves money in transportation and environmental protection, but also contributes to the generation of employment.

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In recent years, businesses engaged in the manufacture, repair and bicycle sales have increased and those who already existed have been consolidated. With the aim of contributing to the local economy, the fabrication of MUyBICI’s bicycles has been made by another local company with the consequent benefit to the business growth in the Municipality.

Poligono deAlcantarilla  05 08 2015 El Alcalde, José Ballesta, junto con la concejal de Tráfico, Seguridad y Protección Ciudadana, Lola Sánchez, visitan las instalaciones de la empresa TuboMurcia, donde, entre otras producciones, se fabrican las bicicletas utilizadas en el servicio municipal de alquiler, MUyBICI. En la foto,un trabajador soldando la base de la bici Bicis;municipal;ayuntamiento;mu&bici;bicicletas;alquiler;carril bici;fabrica;visita;ballesta;concesionaria;trabajador;empresa

In words of José Ballesta, Mayor of Murcia, after his visit to the factory where these bikes are made: “It is an element of modernity, quality of life and reduce pollution, coupled with ‘green jobs’ generated”. Lola Sánchez, Deputy Mayor for Traffic and Security , in relation to the same subject also added: “The public bicycle not only creates quality of life, we are promoting employment in companies in Murcia”.

21-08-15 Alfonso Durán Entrevista a Lola Sánchez, concejala de Tráfico, Seguridad y Protección Ciudadana

Accompanying the need to promote sustainable mobility in Murcia, the service “MUyBICI” is going to include electric charging points in several docking stations located in the most representative spots of the city. The goal is to get the electric scooters and bicycles to charge for free without having to leave the city center. This action stems from the commitment of the Murcia City Council for promoting and facilitating the introduction of the electric scooters in the market under the European Project “Ele.C.Ttra” which aims to foster the use of electric scooters in urban areas.

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