Murcia, present at the first international summit on light electric vehicles

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Murcia, present at the first international summit on light electric vehicles

The presentation has elaborated on issues such as the experience Murcia has acquired in the European project “Electra” and the recent “Local Strategy for Electric Vehicles”.Murcia has been selected to present its experience and the work it has been doing  in the last years relating to the field of electric mobility at the first summit on light electric vehicles that was held in Barcelona on the 21st and 22nd of September.

levs-murcia-movilidad-elctricaIt was an international event, where professionals and entities from around the world involved in electric mobility gathered, and where the latest projects and performance of the sector were presented.

ALEM, the Local Energy Agency from the “Department of Modernization of the Public Administration, Urban Quality and Citizen Participation”, in their presentation held at this meeting, offered a review of the current situation in cities that, like Murcia, are convinced of the need for a strong political support and backing for the electric vehicle and electrical vehicle initiatives, as was fervently highlighted by councilman Jose Guillen.

The presentation highlighted issues like Murcia´s experience in the European project “Electra” which has aimed to promote innovative loan structures of electric motorcycles, as well as the recent Local Strategy for the Electric Vehicle in Murcia, an open participatory process where citizens can directly participate in the process.

The specific actions and projects the City of Murcia is working on and with, also include the European Project “Roadmaps for Energy” a project that focuses on creating roadmaps to undertake innovative actions in Smart City areas such as smart mobility, intelligent buildings and smart urban spaces.


“Murcia’s direct involvement in important communication and dissemination activities of the R4E project, we show our strong commitment on a local level, to project the City of Murcia, it’s actions and performance in sustainability, beyond the borders of our municipality. “The presence of Murcia in this event is to create and strengthen collaborative relations with other cities, agencies and institutions involved in electric mobility with which the city of Murcia can create synergies in this field” explained councilmember Guillen.


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