Forlì a smart city to 2050 with the roadmaps of the european R4E project

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Forlì a smart city to 2050 with the roadmaps of the european R4E project


The city of Forlì wonders about its future in 2050 in terms of sustainability and urban quality as a partner of the “R4E – Roadmaps for Energy” during two-day of workshops on 8th and 9th of March 2017.

The Municipality of Forlì hosted the “Roadmap workshop”, the third phase of the European R4E project, funded by the Horizon2020 program, aimed at defining a 2050 vision for the city on some of the most current issues for Europe such as the energy efficiency of buildings and smart spaces.

An ambitious target that allows to develop innovative ideas, starting from the local context and the comparison with the other six European cities (Eindhoven, Murcia, Sant Cugat, Palermo, Tallin and Newcastle) involved in the project in addition to Forlì, identifying a concrete plan, with the definition of roadmap towards “smart” cities, so more sustainable, more functional and liveable. In a word, towards the smart city of the future.

The involvement of local stakeholders, e.g. councilors, technicians, municipal managers, representatives of economic associations, environmentalists and the active society who actively participated in the meetings is of great importance for achieving the objectives set by the project and the definition of Forlì roadmaps to 2050 in the field of buildings and urban spaces.

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