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Vision development report – R4E project

We can proudly announce that the “Vision Development” report is finished, it’s a valuable document that has been the result of condensing many hours of work where we Vision development Appendices- Partner citieshave gathered and highlighted the most remarkable content from the “Scenario” workshops made along this second phase of the project in all partners’ cities. This report it is compound by 8 appendices with the specific visions of each partner city.

There is no doubt this document is going to be one of the most important outcomes of the R4E Project as we have put together the insights and contributions of all stakeholders, Municipal staff and policy makers to find out which services and features our cities will have to provide in the future based on the identified current needs.

A new milestone

This milestone represents the completion of the second phase out of four. Now the project has started the “Roadmapping phase” where specific initiatives and actions will be defined in order to get through the transformation process that we are planning for our cities, that way, the desired future scenarios and visions will have progressively come true.

vision development buildings R4E   Click on the image to check out the whole report ( Main report + Appendices)

Scenario workshop

All the content included in this “Scenario development” report have been extracted from the workshops sessions performed in the last 9 months. It has been an intense time were partners have been capable to work internally hand in hand with the actors involved in their focus areas: smart buildings, smart mobility and smart urban spaces. The outcomes of this period have been very interesting and the cooperation process derived from the workshops has also been fruitful. Below, some pictures of these workshops are shown from different partners’ cities.

R4E Scenario workshops- Murcia -eindhoven -forli Scenario workshops in Murcia, Eindhoven and Forli

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