Sustainable and smart mobility plans of Murcia

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Sustainable and smart mobility plans of Murcia

The Official College of Industrial Engineers of Murcia, COITIRM, held on 6th April 2017 a seminar to discuss the Energy Plan of the Region of Murcia within the framework of the Forum of Innovation and Impulse to Renewable Energy in the Region of Murcia, INNPULSA 2017. For this occasion the College wanted to have the saying of the Murcia city council in order to know firsthand what will be the actions planned to promote sustainable and smart mobility in our city and what is the energy impact that urban mobility has within the modern cities.Innpulsa_Plan-Energetico-Murcia--ALEM- R4E

ALEM, the Local Energy and Climate Change Agency of the City of Murcia, under the Department of Urbanism, Environment and Huerta, directed by Antonio Navarro Corchón, was in charge of offering a complete vision of the Municipal actions in the matter of sustainable mobility, and it underlined the benefits that large municipal projects such as the Murcia Bike Lane project, the Local Electric Vehicle Strategy or the pedestrianization of the Avenue Alfonso X will report to the city. ALEM also took this opportunity to explain in detail the prospects and ambitions of Murcia regarding the smart mobility and introduced the “Roadmaps for energy (R4E)” project. Moreover, the key aspects of the project were presented as well as the methodology that the partners have followed to develop their roadmaps in the 3 focus areas of the project (smart buildings, smart mobility and smart urban spaces). In fact, the e-mobility strategy for Murcia has been one of the first outcomes of the R4E project in Murcia and will be the ground for other initiatives related to electro mobility in the city.Plan-Energetico-Murcia--roadmaps-for-energy_jaime_ruiz_huescar

It is noteworthy that all these projects have in common with the Energy Plan of the Region of Murcia that have been addressed and raised from participatory processes, they all have an integrative sense and have tried to involve civil society to meet the different needs and visions of the citizens of Murcia.


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