R4E – Related and Linked Projects – Introducing the “BRESAER Project”.

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R4E – Related and Linked Projects Part 2 – Introducing the “BRESAER Project”.

As part of our commitment to creating a learning community and disseminating the actions and outcomes of the Roadmaps for Energy (R4E) Project, we are connecting with other EU funded projects, cooperating, sharing information and practises. Which is why we will dedicate a few of our posts to introducing these projects.

The BRESAER Project

BREakthrough Solutions for Adaptable Envelopes in building Refurbishment

BRESAER will develop a cost-effective, adaptable and industrialized “envelope system” for buildings refurbishment. The BRESAER’s envelope (for façades and roofs) will include a combination of active and passive pre-fabricated solutions which will be integrated in a versatile lightweight structural mesh. This new technology is expected to significantly reduce the building’s primary energy consumption and the Greenhouse emissions while improving indoor environment quality through thermal, acoustic, lighting comfort and air quality at the same time.


breasar2With the BRESAER system the whole building will be governed by an innovative Building Energy Management System, which will manage all the different envelope functions, the energy facilities of the building and monitor the energy generated by the BRESAER system.

The innovative solutions developed by the project include:

Structural metallic profiles to achieve a standardized constructive system configurable, easy to assemble and able to support different envelope components. Such components will be fixed to the profiles with a common standardised solution allowing easy and fast installation as well as removal in case of maintenance or replacement.

Multifunctional and multilayer insulation panels made of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete used as rigid shells for building envelope applications. Thanks to an enhanced manufacturing process they will provide insulating capacity, lightness and ease of anchoring. These can be combined with several finishes providing di­fferent functionalities: e.g. integrated PV, thermo-reflective and self-cleaning properties.

Combined solar thermal air and PV envelope component for indoor space heating and ventilation, thermal insulation and electricity generation. A PV film can be integrated on the air solar thermal envelop panel whilst preheated air can be used for indoor space heating and dehumidification.

breasar1Multifunctional lightweight ventilated façade module, with integrated photovoltaic system for electricity generation, and thermo-reflective and self-cleaning coating.

Dynamic windows with automated and controlled air-tightness and insulated solar blinds. They complement energy saving and visual comfort strategies: solar blinds can automatically adjust according to the position of the sun and occupant’s comfort.

A cutting-edge Building Energy Management System will be developed to measure and control both the envelope and the building’s energy consumption trough integrated simulation-based control techniques for automated the establishment of optimal operational plans.



Total (primary) energy consumption reduction by a factor 2 to 4 compared to the values registered before the installation of the adaptable envelope

The primary energy consumption reduction will come from the integration of all the components into the BRESAER envelope solution. Through the implementation of the BRESAER system, we expect to record a reduction by at least 60% of the total primary building’s energy consumption and a consumption of less than 60 kWh/m² and the BRESAER system will improve indoor environment quality by increasing thermal, acoustics, lighting comfort and air quality (IAQ).


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