R4E in “Italy in class a” Event

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R4E project in Palermo
City of Palermo


The first “itinerant” information campaign organized by ENEA, which is involving 10 northern and southern cities to raise awareness about the opportunities and benefits of energy efficiency. In 2016, there have been 3,3 billion of investments related to “ecobonus”, more than 15 thousand successful energy survays and a growth of 300% of the demands for national incentives, called “Conto Termico”, regarding efficiency measures of the Public Administration.

The Municipality of Palermo, which organized the event, is the Italian Capital of Culture 2018, and is also the Italian capital of energy efficiency, as partner of the European project ROADMAPS FOR ENERGY – HORIZON 2020.

The halls were crowded by an attentive audience and the meetings were addressed towards citizens, students, local administrations, companies and cultural figures. The meetings were held at Palazzo Steri, ENEA Headquarters in Palermo, “Biondo” Theater and Modern Art Gallery.

The day started at Palazzo Steri, with the Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando welcoming the participants to the meeting called “SME and PA: energy efficiency target”, addressed to enterprise associations, small and medium-sized enterprises, technicians and professionals.

During the meeting the Rector for the Development Policies of the University of Palermo, the Director of the Unit for Energy Efficiency ENEA and representatives of the Sicilian Region, GSE and Confindustria Sicilia have held speeches.

Antonio Mazzon, Energy Manager of the City of Palermo has undertaken a report on the activities of the Roadmaps for Energy – Horizon 2020 project. He showed the desired vision of the city of Palermo 2050, with particular reference to Smart Buildings and Smart Mobility.

The event was concluded with a round where the University of Palermo, Anci, AssoEsco Sicilia, SicilEsco, Orders of Engineers of Palermo, Order of Architects of Palermo and Coldiretti have taken part. The following topics where treated: instruments, incentives and funding available to the Public Administration to improve own efficiency level of their buildings and public lighting and achieve the national and European energy efficiency targets. Focus also on Energy Performance Contracts (EPC), on the training needs of designers and technicians, on the state of the energy surveys of big energy consumers and SMEs and news regarding of Ecobonus of 2018.

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