Mobile Accident Report” Service in Istanbul

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“Mobile Accident Report” app launched in Turkey for the first time in the world

“Mobile Accident Report” application is now available on smartphones. Drivers who install the mobile app no longer need to carry an up-to-date accident report form and pen in their cars. They just need their smart phones with them to create reports after having accidents.

Drivers will be able to fill the accident assessment report much more quickly and easily with the new “Mobile Accident Report” application.

“Mobile Accident Report” application brings great advantages to drivers summarized as follows:

  • No need to have the accident assessment form
  • Do not lose time by sending accident assessment form to the insurance companies instantly
  • Accident assessment form can be completed with less information
  • Accident assessment form can be filled very fast
  • Decrease the writing mistake rate of while filling accident assessment form thanks to app guidance
  • Quick access to policy information with QR-code
  • Ability to follow online defect results
  • Access to the nearest insurance agencies, auto mechanics and hospitals with just one click in the event of an accident.

Mobile accident report- Istanbul r4E project


For detailed information about “Mobile Accident Report” application, please visit

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