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In order to solve bottlenecks of the best economic locations in North-Brabant and to improve the mobility of people in a sustainable way, the Province of North-Brabant started the ‘Brabant mobiliteitsnetwerk‘ (Brabant Mobility Network – BMN).

Within this network Eindhoven focuses on two locations: on the one hand on Eindhoven centre northeast (among others, the university, Rabobank and Maxima Medical Centre) and on the other hand on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE).

Companies, public authorities, educational institutions and social organisations work together in this network. Together they look for concrete measures which offer solutions to local and regional transport issues. In other words: Smart work and smart travelling.



Two networks have been created for HTCE;

1. A HTCE-community which focuses on increasing the possibilities of smart working and smart travelling in the immediate future (2015, 2016) and to ensure that employees make use of this.

2.A smart mobility community, in which TomTom, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), V-tron, NXP, Mobility-S, HTCE Site Management, the BOM (Brabant Development Agency) and the municipality of Eindhoven work together on the development of a showcase concerning smart mobility that promotes the mobility and the economy of HTCE (in the Eindhoven region).

On April 4th 2016 the Smart Mobility Travellers Community had its second meeting this year. The goal of this meeting was to inform the members about ongoing initiatives. The community has not yet managed to develop a concrete project for the showcase. By informing all the members about the different developments, they also evaluate if there are possible starting points to start working on a specific project.

The Smart Mobility Roadmap of the municipality of Eindhoven shows how the city perceives the developments in the field of mobility. And by doing so,  it offers a framework for the showcase that Eindhoven will create.


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