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The Municipality of Palermo imagines the city of Palermo in 2050 as a “haven of culture and social integration “. The update and development of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) will also be implemented through the participation in R4E – Roadmaps for Energy – project that gained funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Program, focused on two main aspects: smart mobility and smart building.

As “smart mobility” the city of Palermo is implementing some important projects, now known throughout Italy as they are characterized by strong elements of technological innovation: in particular, the implementation of integrated services of car sharing and bike sharing. Palermo is the first Italian city where the citizen can use the same smart card to access car-sharing services, both with car natural gas and electric, and bike sharing, with electric bicycles or muscle type. These services, in addition, can be accessed by the subscribers of the car sharing system “I Guido”, present in other Italian cities (Rome, Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Venice, Brescia, Savona).

Palermo r4e 1

Car Sharing

As it is known, car sharing is an individual public mobility service, and it is additional to public and private transport, smart, economical and environmentally friendly. In Palermo it consists of a fleet of 126 cars, of which 24 electric, 92 natural gas and 10 diesel fueled, that the user can withdraw in over 300 stalls located throughout the city.

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Palermo r4e 3

The user, at the subscription time, receives a smart card with a microchip equipped with individual PIN (secret code) required to collect the car and return it. The service is managed by the Public Transport Company,  AMAT Palermo Spa,  as in other Italian and European cities. The service cost consists of two parts: a fixed annual subscription, equal to € 25.00, and a rate proportional to the actual use of the car (journey time and mileage):


Palermo r4e 4


Palermo r4e 5

Rates include fuel, insurance policies and free use of paid parking (blue zones and exclusive parking) and bus lanes.

Bike Sharing

The bike sharing service uses, at least for this first phase, 37 bicycle parking places, spread the municipal area, both within the ZTL (Restricted Traffic Zone), that within peripheral areas, with particular attention to the seaside line of Mondello.
The bicycle parks consist of 10 or 20 stalls for bicycles.
Citizens (after signing a subscription paper) use bicycles mainly as a means of public transport, with the constraint to deliver them at the end of their use at one of the various racks around the city.
Seven cycle parking spaces will be equipped with photovoltaic shelters, that in addition to produce electricity from renewable sources, constitute an element of street furniture, as they were designed with a particular attention to their architectural forms.
Bicycles are, mainly, of “muscle” type (400) and a small percentage consists in electric bicycles (20). The racks equipped with photovoltaic shelters allow you to charge the batteries of the electrically assisted bicycles, while the excess energy is led into the grid. All bicycles are equipped with a GPS / GSM locator that sends its geographical coordinates and the level of charging in a central management server, which processes on the basis of predetermined procedures.

Palermo r4e 6

Mappa della mobilità (con l’ubicazione dei parcheggi di car & bike sharing)

The service is available, in the limits of the number of bicycles available at each station, 12 months out of 12, 7 days out of 7, with the possibility of withdrawal on the following dates:
● from 1/5 to 30/9 of each year, from 7.00 a.m. to 24.00 p.m.
● from 1/10 to 30/4 of each year , from 7.00 a.m. to 22.30 p.m.

In case of annual subscription, the user may withdraw his bike by taking it from a stalemate after approaching his card to the optical reader in correspondence of the stall or after using the official BiciPA service. In case of daily/weekly ticket, the user may withdraw the bike taking it from a stall after entering his own user ID and password of BiciPA “youBike” App.
The return of the bicycle can take place at any station by coupling to a stalemate. In addition, to ensure the successful completion of the return, the user will be able to use the app or to access to his personal area on the web site return the bicycle the user can bring his card to the optical reader of the service stall.

In order to ensure the sharing of the means, that constitutes an essential element of a bike sharing service, the daily maximum limit of use of bicycle is set by the seasonal time of the service end, as above mentioned.

Palermo r4e 7

Inauguration of the first cycle parking

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