Car-free day in Tallinn

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Car-free day in Tallinn

Car-free day is the main event during the European Mobility Week. Car-free day has been organised in Tallinn for more than 20 years. This year car-free day was celebrated on September 20, in the district of Northern Tallinn. During the European Mobility Week the City of Tallinn allowed all driver’s licence holders to use city’s public transport for free by showing their driver’s licence. Additionally Snupsi, the mascot for the Environmentally Friendly Mobility Month in Tallinn, visited all the kindergartens in the district of Northern Tallinn during the European Mobility Week to educate children on different modes of transport e.g. taking the bus/tram/trolley or riding a bike, but also teaching them about safety rules in traffic and inviting children to the car-free day.


During the car-free day traffic was restricted on Telliskivi street (pictured), which is located on the side of the Telliskivi Creative City in the district of Northern Tallinn where the big family festival celebrating Car-free Day took place. During the Car-free Day several fun and engaging activities took place at the Telliskivi Creative City as well as on the closed Telliskivi street. For example two different tours were organised by the Environment Department with the objective of getting people to walk and cycle more. A guided bicycle tour took people around the district of Northern Tallinn visiting several examples of different architectural styles for apartment buildings in the area. A guided walking tour introduced the Telliskivi Creative City. Various types of alternative transport were promoted and showcased during the event as well: e.g. electric solowheels, electric bicycles, roller skates, scooters etc.


Another exciting activity was the Orienteering Race, which has been an important part of the car-free day in Tallinn already for four years. The idea of the race is to use public transport (bus, tram, train, trolley) to get from one checkpoint to another in the course of 2 hours. The checkpoints are distributed all over the city (pictured). This event is increasingly popular, with over 700 participants in this year’s race. As public transport in Tallinn is free for all city’s residents, this race is an effective tool to further increase the use of public transport in Tallinn. It encourages people to move around the city using public transport, saving time, money and the environment. The idea comes from Madeira, Portugal, where it is organised every autumn. The main prizes for this years’ race were stylish and comfortable urban bicycles.



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