Project manager: Torsten MASSECK, torsten.masseck@upc.edu

Communication Manager: Torsten MASSECK, , torsten.masseck@upc.edu


The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya — BarcelonaTech (UPC) is a public institution dedicated to higher education and research, specialized in the fields of engineering, architecture and science.

In a highly creative context, the UPC\\\\'s research, teaching and management projects are based on the principles of freedom, justice, democracy, solidarity, cooperation, sustainability, efficiency, transparency and social responsibility.

UPC BarcelonaTech, coordinator and promoting entity of the ENERGY CAMPUS - Campus of International Excellence-, is a modern university excelling in higher education and research, with a campus open to life and learning and totally committed with the sustainable development of the environment.

UPC is aware of both its role in the socioeconomic development system and of the importance of being part, in a global world, of international alliances and consortiums in crosscutting areas such as energy. Therefore, UPC has successfully implemented the ENERGY CAMPUS in collaboration with some of the most representative institutions of the Spanish scientific and technological scenario in this discipline: IREC and CIEMAT.

UPC\\\\'s international vision along with its efforts focused on the energetic sector give as a result the coordination of the CC Iberia of the KIC InnoEnergy, where IREC and CIEMAT are also partners.

The strategic lines of the ENERGY CAMPUS - Campus of International Excellence - are fully in line with the frame set up by the regional, national and European policies, aiming to lead the transformation of the energy sector with clear local impact and wide international recognition.

The ETSAV School o

Research groups and projects like CISOL - Solar Research Centre ETSAV, PAUS – platform for sustainable construction, or the Living Lab LOW3 initiative, contribute essentially to an open research and innovation culture with a trans-disciplinary teaching and research approach.

Since 2008 the ETSAV School of Architecture of UPC BarcelonaTech has been selected to participate in the international university competition SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE, a competition for the design and construction of energy self-sufficient prototype houses. The 3 innovative solar house projects designed and built at the campus since then, allowed establishing a close collaboration between university and industry in the field of energy efficient technologies, renewable energy systems and smart technologies for buildings.

Industry research projects on renewable energies (ATON- CENIT-E) as well as international projects related to energetic renovation of the existing building stock together with public authorities (RELS, MARIE), complement the existing expertise of the ETSAV School of Architecture and its academic staff on matters related to smart buildings and smart urban spaces.

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