Smart Urban Spaces.
  • Eindhoven
  • Forli
  • Sant Cugat del Vallés
The Smart urban spaces theme looks at the public spaces in cities. It is the area where many things physically come together: it literally provides space for multiple functions and activities. It hosts traffic solutions; it enables waste management solutions and ICT infrastructures. Public space is also important for the perception of safety, atmosphere and quality of life in the city, thus enabling social cohesion and interaction. Public lighting is also a considerable source of energy consumption in cities that offers also new opportunities for ICT based solutions. The aim of the partners involved in the Smart Urban Spaces field is to develop the roadmap for Smart urban spaces. In this roadmap the options to realise the desired future scenarios of the cities are explored. A desk study will be done to collect available information on technological options. Experts from industry, knowledge institutes and governments will be invited to workshops to share their views on future possibilities. In the roadmap process these companies will be explicitly invited. Through the networks in the cities the local companies will also be invited to co-create the roadmaps. Focus will be on sustainable technologies, sustainable behaviour and sustainable organisation in order to realise the ambitions in Smart urban spaces and sustainable energy in the public space.
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