Project manager: Mercedes HERNANDEZ MARTINEZ , directora.peuropeos@ayto-murcia.es

Communication Manager: María Cruz FERREIRA COSTA, direccion.agenciaenergia@ayto-murcia.es


ALEM, the Local Energy Agency of Murcia as a municipal Service of Murcia City Council, manages the energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy promotion within the territory of the municipality of Murcia in terms of sustainable development.

The mission of ALEM is to guide the energy management actions, energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energies promotion in the municipality of Murcia. It has 4 main lines of work, which are: energy saving in public buildings and facilities of Murcia City Council, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency in buildings, as well as education and awareness in energy saving.

ALEM coordinates the activities of Murcia City Council within EUROCITIES network and CIVITAS. ALEM has coordinated the chair of Murcia in the EUROCITIES Mobility Forum and in the working group of energy efficiency, climate change and air quality. ALEM also leads the Energy Group within RECI (the Spanish Network on Intelligent Cities) for our whole country, Spain.

Murcia has a large experience on EU projects, especially the ones focused on energy, climate change, sustainable mobility as well as all related environmental issues. Remarkable efforts have been made on building domain to reduce energy consumption in municipal buildings using ICT, by raising awareness and training users, among others.

Within the R4E project, Murcia will coordinate the development and the implementation of energy plans and policies of the two chosen focus areas, Smart Buildings and Smart Mobility. Murcia will also take the lead over WP8 and thereby ensure that project advances and results will be conveniently disseminated, spreading knowledge and exchanging experiences and best practices.

Greener Smart Mobility. ALEM’s wide experience on managing the Bicycle Office since 2008 gives the background to work on the promotion of bicycles and Electric Vehicles (tourism, motorbike, fleets) in the city of Murcia.

Smart Buildings. ALEM has made remarkable efforts in the building domain to reduce energy consumption in municipal buildings using ICT, by raising awareness and training users, among others. The development of a local strategy and an action plan to unify all policies is needed. Renewable energy generation (solar and biomass) and micro-storage on municipal buildings will be also integrated on the technological solutions adopted.

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