Project manager: Esma DILEK ,

Communication Manager: Ali BAYINDIR,


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) holds a very important place in local administration organization of Istanbul. Its area of responsibility encompasses the entire provincial territory, which spans a total area of 5,343 km2. IMM has 25 municipal enterprises, 2 subsidiary public utility corporations (Transport Authority and Water & Sanitation Authority) and 43,500 employees in total. It is responsible for a wide variety of areas including environment, natural-gas supply, energy, infrastructure, planning and development, IT, transportation, community services and vocational education, health-wellness, food & catering, culture and tourism.

IMM is able to develop projects, especially on urban transport subjects such as public transport, traffic management, passenger guidance systems, passenger information systems, journey planning, etc. and besides that, research & development projects on freight transport and rail transport operations (light rail operators).

IMM also has an interest in projects on the areas of, among others, road transport and multi -modal transport as an end user.

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